Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In the Red

This being my Round Robin entry for this week, I will post more than one photo tonight. The topic, Red, comes from Pamela of the AOL journal My Photos. Red is of course one of my favorite colors. I spent the early 1980s wearing mostly red and black, and as most of you know, our kitchen is decorated in red - red barbecue trays on the wall, red and white tablecloth, red and white chairs, and red and white vintage clock. If one had been available for a reasonable price, we would have bought a red refrigerator last year. But I've photographed all that stuff for you before, so here are a few other red items. Check 'em out, and then go see the other Round Robin entries. For the first time ever I'm cheating this in at midnight Eastern instead of MST so I can go to bed early. Catch up with you all when I can! - Karen

Red raspberry valentine left for John early Valentine's Day morning

Red raspberry valentine left for Karen a little later on Valentine's Day morning

Red CDs full of photos from two cameras ago

Red tablecloth at St. Michael's Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras Pancake Party

Rev. Angela in red, red beads and confetti and streamers,
red cranberry drink at the pancake party.

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Carly said...

Very Cute :)

Loved the raspberry valentines, neat idea. :) Nice examples of red.

Always, Carly :)

kmm said...

Rasberry Valentine is lovely idea. Hope they enjoyed it. Cheers Kerrin

John Darrow said...

Yep, that raspberry layout for your John...warmed my heart. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Gattina said...

You also have a red kitchen ? Me too since 33 years, when we moved in our house and I am still not fat up with this color ! My furniture is white with red border and the walls red. I also still have a lot of red cloths and in my room red rocking chairs. Only my cats are not red (yet).

Anonymous said...

Red is the color of life! Loved the valentine raspberries!


Suzanne R said...

Great "red" shots! Valentine's raspberries -- yum, and how fun!

Anonymous said...

These were fun pictures of "red." I especially like the raspberries on the red plate for a Valentine. Good idea!

Nancy said...

How cool that you have a red kitchen. My mom did too.

You came up with some pretty creative red stuff...well done!


Janet said...

mmmm, pancakes! Love the heart shaped raspberries!

Chuck said...

Here is my belated entry for RED.

julie said...

Love the valentine. That's a great idea.

Linda (Lou) said...

Karen, I came back to thank you for the very nice things you said about my RED entry and I see that my first comment about yours didn't post! Sometimes blogspot does that to me. Anyway, I had told you how very sweet it was that your John saved some of the berries for you! I hope to find a nice "John" like that for myself someday! I was so surprised when I sat down to do this little project to find just how much red is in the world! And it seems like you are often surrounded by lovely red, too. :-) Thanks again for the wonderful comment you left! Happy Wednesday!

Steven said...

Nice shots! I've got red CDs for my photos. Cool with the font color too.