Sunday, February 11, 2007

Long Ago, Far Away

Under the old railroad bridge, 1972

I didn't get to work today. I think that ends my streak of consecutive days worked at 13. I'll have to make up for it tomorrow, but today I was mostly magnificently lazy, sleeping almost 7 hours before my allergies woke me, reading, watching You've Got Mail with and without commentary, working on my Fayubi and Jor scene and writing about Japheth‎, Emily Litella‎ and the phrase Never mind‎ on Wikipedia.

I was about to wrap up all of these pursuits and start on this entry when I got an email invitation to register with an alumni listing service for Fayetteville-Manlius High School. The link given was to, but that turned out to be nothing but a portal to That site has fairly aggressive marketing screens promoting its premium services, the kind in which for you have to hunt for an option that doesn't involve pulling out your credit card. I get a lot of that with already, but I registered anyway because there really are a lot of F-M alumnae on there. The info doesn't seem very well organized, but perhaps I'm just being grumpy, impatient and tired.

You've Got Mail heavily features the Nilsson song "Remember," which starts out: "Long ago, far away...." Between the recent snow here, posting our Niagara winter pictures, news of outrageous snowstorms in Oswego, NY and now the class reunion site, I've been thinking about Manlius, NY rather more than usual. I'm sure if I actually got there, I would find that nearly everything I remember is gone, or disconcertingly different from the Manlius of my memories. Still, I kind of wish that after over 20 years of not being within 500 miles of the place, I could bridge the distance, digital camera in hand, and document the 21st century version of the town and village of Manlius, that place I loved and hated for fifteen years, a place that, sight unseen, still influences me today. Some kind stranger sent me some photos a year or so ago, but I need to see it for myself.

Too bad it probably won't happen.


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julie said...

I joined and went there twice. Now I can't figure out how to get off of their mailing lists. The other day I got a message with a subject line stating I had 980 friends from my old high school. Fat chance on several levels. We did have 880 or so graduates in the class, but when I subtract in the missing, the deceased and the ones who just don't want to bother, I'm not sure how they get 980 - unless they're counting *everyone* from my old school that's signed up. I'd like to think I'm a friendly sort, but this is more than a bit of a stretch.