Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ain't Technology Wonderful?

Weekend Assignment #153: Share a story of true computer horror. Your computer blow up just before a big presentation? You forget to take down a compromising picture before the in-laws come over? Ever thought you were IMing with one person but in fact were IMing someone else? Share! You'll feel better. Really.

Extra Credit:
So, ever actually hit your computer in frustration?

You know, I'm sure I must have experienced some major computer failure at some inopportune moment, sometime in the 20+ years I've owned computers. But all I remember is dying monitors, software incompatibilities, frozen programs when an IM pops up to use the last few K of RAM, and all manor of temporary glitches, the sort of thing you spend an evening recovering from, and never fully trust your computer again. The image above was photographed during one such evening, when my previous laptop was acting up. The worst was perhaps the night last April when I tried about twenty times over the course of seven hours to post a one paragraph entry from an expensive New Mexico hotel room, when the phone line refused to connect to AOL for more than a minute at a time. Equally annoying are the ongoing problems, like the time I spent weeks trying to uninstall every trace of Norton SystemWorks and related programs and start over, or all the times I've reinstalled AOL itself, or the shareware anti-spyware program that insisted daily on removing a program that AOL/AIM immediately reinstalled. But no, I have no dramatic stories for you tonight of a computer's inanimosity, and no, I can't recall ever hitting a computer, unless you count a measured slap to encourage a monitor to show the right colors, or my dying CD drive to spin faster. That's not frustration; that's the scientific method. And I've reached my one paragraph limit. Good night! I'll catch up with everyone's Round Robin entries Friday night. Or maybe Saturday.

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