Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Refrigerator magnets do not equal Gracious Living

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show off your refrigerator magnets. Because you know you have 'em.

You mean like this? Well, yes, we have them, just a minor exhibit at the Museum of the Weird, so minor that we don't even keep them on display any more. John took them down when we got our new refrigerator last year. Fortunately for tonight's entry, he happened to find them in a box on Sunday, so I was able to pull them out of the box and arrange them on the refrigerator. My favorite one is the cartoon of Sam and Al from Quantum Leap, as drawn by my friend Sherlock - the same artist who drew my Mâvarin characters for me.

I strongly suspected John would not want the magnets left up on the front of our nice new fridge, junking it up. So I thought I'd see whether I could get away with putting them on the side of it instead. If nothing else, it gives the photo a more contrasting background. But no, John doesn't want them on the side of the refrigerator, either, near the open flames of the adjacent gas stove. Can't blame him for that!

And really, the fridge does look better without them. As John said tonight, "Refrigerator magnets aren't really part of gracious living." "Gracious Living" is something of a running joke with us. It was a term used on the cover of a trading stamp redemption book when I was a little kid in the early 1960s. It was probably a little silly for the competition to the S&H Green Stamp people to promise they could bring graciousness to the new suburban homes of the generation that begat the baby boom, but it fit in with the optimistic consumerism of the era. The Museum of the Weird is full of that generation's cast-offs - and yes, we really do aspire to gracious living. We're not there yet, but we're working on it.

Still, I kind of wanted to keep at least some of these on display somewhere. But where? There aren't a lot of metal surfaces in this house that don't have electronics inside, which could be negatively affected by the magnets. Just for fun, I temporarily stuck them on this vintage lamp on time of my computer hutch. Clearly, that's not going to work, either. At the moment most of them are stuck to the pole part of the same desk lamp. Sam and Al are stuck to the old Altar Bread can. That'll do for tonight.


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Bea said...

We just bought a new refrigerator last year as well. All black front. I considered not putting my magnets on the front, but that huge solid space of black needed something to break it up. After a couple of weeks of looking at the black hulk in our kitchen, I selected a few magnets, and the large magnetic calendar, and stuck them to our fridge. It's less cluttered than our old fridge. I didn't get my pictures taken in time to add to scalzi's assignment this week. It was an interesting assignment. I have a couple of disney magnets I bought last year, mickey and minnie mouse. and some bee magnets. I may post them anyway. soon. Where else besides your mavarin illustrations can we see sherlock's art? bea