Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pros and Cons

Guess the new camera isn't up to good moon photos either.

Things I Like About Working at Unnamed Largish Company Between 9 PM and 1 AM
  1. Nobody emails to request that I drop everything and work on some aspect of my job that intersects with some aspect of their job.
  2. I can play Love by the Beatles (and George Martin and son) without headphones, and sing along.
  3. Nobody will interrupt me except the occasional janitor or security guard, and if they turn the lights out on me we have a good laugh afterward.
  4. Parking next to the entrance is no problem at all.
  5. Nobody is going to mind if I take a break to edit Wikipedia.
Things I Don't Like About Working at Unnamed Largish Company Between 9 PM and 1 AM
  1. It takes a while to make myself settle down to get some actual work done.
  2. I know that no matter how many hours I put in it won't be enough.
  3. Sometimes I get held up by some detail that requires the cooperation of someone else (who, naturally, isn't working on a Saturday night)
  4. I love my job, but I'd rather be sleeping or blogging or writing or reading.
  5. When I get home it takes me a while to settle down and get some actual blogging done.

Eagle-shaped cloud, its face lit by the almost-full moon

Nomenclature Revisited

To those who have expressed opinions and suggested names for my otherworld princess and her brother: thanks. Bea, she is the daughter of evil Queen Lormarte, but she's a nice person anyway. For now I think I'm going with Princess Cathla and Prince Carmi, which is a scrambled version of the names of their counterparts, Princess Cathma and Prince Carli. But I'll keep Lora and other suggestions in mind. Nothing's set in stone until the galleys go back to the publisher, anyway. (Thinking way ahead, here, considering I don't have a publisher yet!) Even then, names are sometimes subject to change. Anyone else ever notice that one of Pern's Oldtimer Weyrleaders is T'ton in at least one book, and T'ron in the others?

In Other News

The Mama Louisa's sign at sunset

I got nine and a half hours of sleep Saturday, 5 AM to 2:30 PM. I could easily have slept more were it not for the allergy attack, the backache and the need to get things done. John built another bookcase and I helped to fill it up out of our endless supply of banker's boxes all over the house. I also caused a vintage green vinyl lounge chair in the hallway to knock over custom painted folding door, which in turn knocked a hole in our bedroom door. Drat! But John didn't murdelize me for it, and we had a nice dinner at Mama Louisa's before I headed off to the office.

Guess I'm done here. Time to pick a random photo or two or three and sign off for the night.



deslily said...

your work/ sleep schedule never ceases to amaze me. I wouldn't be able to walk upright!

julie said...

At least you had your attack at home. I had an asthma attack during a performance last night. At least I was able to run back to the green room and take a hit from the inhaler.

Those problems with your night shots are caused by noise on the CCD. It's a very common problem. I was looking at the last vestiges of sunset last night and what do you suppose went through my mind? Not "My, what a lovely sunset!" Oh, no. All I could see was CCD noise. I've gotta get out more! ;-)

Shelly said...

I love my job, too, but there are reasons why I'm eagerly looking forward to retirement. I've got lots of other things I'd rather be doing. Just make sure you get enough sleep... says the woman who gets little more than 4 hours a night these days. heh