Saturday, February 03, 2007

Demon Net

Morning clouds as seen from the ULC parking lot

I've been hit with the deadline that I knew was coming, so I'll be spending a chunk of my weekend at the office, along with some evenings next week. Meanwhile, though, I fully intend to get some badly needed sleep. Earlier today, I told a co-worker that part of my sleep deprivation problem was due to "Demon Internet." By the time I sat down in the mall with my lunch, twenty minutes later, I had the beginnings of a story based on that concept.

Yes, I know. It's been done on Buffy at least once, and probably elsewhere. But I think I have a different angle on the demon-in-the-web idea. I'm calling it "Demon Web 2.0." I'll probably serialize it in Messages. It begins:

Lucy Landry grew up in New York City, but she didn't like it very much.

There was no question that the place was a world capital for money, and art, and culture - for others. Without a father, money, decent clothes, or even clear skin, Lucy felt shut out of most of those things, most of the time. The libraries were good, though, and they were free; so that as where she spent her time - reading, surfing, studying. Between the libraries and her test scores, which didn't take into account her stained blue dress, ripped hose and mottled skin, it wasn't such a wonder when she started at Columbia, the proud recipient of three scholarships and two grants. The first check that wasn't otherwise spoken for resulted in her first major purchase, ever: a laptop computer of her own, wireless-ready, preinstalled with Office, a graphics program and even a rhyming dictionary.

That night, the moment her mother was in bed, she began work on the Underverse web site.
Yes, I know. It needs work, even as a beginning. So far it's all summary and no scene, and what about the demon? I'll get there.

The snowy Rincon Mountains, as seen
from the Park Place covered parking.

Meanwhile, though, I'm going to tear myself away from the demon web and head for bed!


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