Monday, February 05, 2007

Doctor My Eyes

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Get a really really really close shot of someone's eyes.

Who else but mine? They're not too scary
behind the glasses, but wait until I take them off.

Not looking good, are they?

Nope. Not looking at all healthy.

In fact, they're kind of odd-looking, don't you think?

Perhaps I'm an alien, and my disguise is failing.

I guess it was 80 degrees today, or something like that. My car thermometer seemed to be stuck at 51 degrees for some reason, but I turned on the car's A/C. It's supposed to be 80ish tomorrow, too. Maybe that's the end of Tucson's unusually cold winter, or maybe it's a respite. No mountain pictures tonight - I didn't get around to taking a picture of blue sky. What would it tell you? No sunset pictures, either. I'm not likely to escape the office before dark any time soon.

For a change I'm going with the whole sensible self-preservation responsible behavior thing tonight. That means eight hours of sleep, well, almost. When I have to work hard all day long at getting my tired eyes to function - with eye drops, three minutes in a stall with eyes closed, and lots of splashing of tap water - it's not good. When my eyes are this bad, the brain isn't exactly at its best, either. So tonight I came home and watched it, and now I sleep, and tomorrow it's back to working late, and somewhere in there I get ready to post my next Round Robin entry, on the subject of Cold, on an 80 degree day. Ain't life grand? No, truly, it is. I just need more sleep to participate in it properly.

Good night!


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