Monday, February 12, 2007

My Week of Desperation Begins

I don't know why there are cups on my neighbor's cacti.

Sunday Morning

I went to bed sometime after 5:30 AM Sunday morning, got two phone calls between 8:00 and 8:50 AM, got up about 9 AM, picked up Kevin and Eva, went to church, was substitute crucifer, checked in with Father Smith and Reverend Angela after Mass, was loaned the church's digital recorder to transfer sermons to my hard drive, was talked into signing up for a bunch of church webmaster workshops in Phoenix on March 3rd, was told I need to have the photos for the church directory printed and the layout work done by the end of this week, interrupted a Social Concerns committee meeting to confess that I left Ila's photo printouts home and make alternate arrangements, and dropped off Jan and Eva and Kevin. And that just covers the period from 5:30 AM to 12:45 PM Sunday!

Sunday Afternoon

I grabbed a couple of sandwiches at McDonald's, went home, checked my email, checked my Wikipedia watchlist, cleaned off my dresser and my jewelry (over half of it Mom's originally), took allergy medicine, read a little, and finally took a badly-needed nap from 4:45 PM to 8:20 PM.

Sunday Night

After another check of my email and another trip to McDonald's, I went into the office and worked until 2:30 AM (excluding the time spent checking my watchlist and commenting on a minor dust-up between John Scalzi and Wikipedia), came home, transferred and tried to organize the files from the church recorder, was forced to stop when Windows Explorer, AOL and RealPlayer all stopped responding, ended processes by hand until Windows deigned to reboot, ran Norton, booted AOL (which took five or ten minutes just to launch!), and here I am. It's 4:11 AM.

This week I have to get about three weeks' worth of worth done at the office, probably without assistance; get Ila's photos and the recorder dropped off at church; find, select and have printed a bunch of church photos that are currently scattered on some back up CDs somewhere as well as numerous folders on my hard drive; take a better cover photo for the directory; do actual layout work (which I've never done before unless you count putting fanzines into PageMaker followed by physical paste-up work in the early 1990s); do dishes and laundry, and still manage to work in Valentine's Day, sleep and some sort of sanity.

Wish me luck!


P.S. The trackback ping for the Scalzi entry is supposed to be, but it doesn't seem to work for me. I never did understand trackback, though.


deslily said...

I'll wish you luck.. but it looks like Tuffy could care less! lol

Funny how our animals think they own us.. stranger yet, that they are right!

Chris said...

I hate it when my cactai party all night and end up making fools of themselves, don't you?

Happy Valentines Day!
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