Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Love Reign O'er Me

Thanks, folks, for the kind words in comments and emails. For those of you who have guessed that I may be having health issues, that's not it at all. Aside from very minor stress-related gut pain a few days ago - maybe a 2 out of 10, a huge improvement over the "11" I used to get back when I had a gall bladder - I'm as healthy as an obese 49-year-old can possibly claim to be. As for what the problem actually is, here's a hint. I left work just now at 5 AM. I got 8 hours of sleep Monday morning (previous nights' totals were 7 and 8) , but that clearly won't be true tonight. The photo is of my car in the parking lot of Unnamed Largish Company, seen from above per the Monday Photo Shoot. I think tonight's marathon is the last of the insane hours, but we'll see.



julie said...

Just want to say good luck - we're all counting on you! ;-)

(Seriously, hope all goes well.)

DesLily said...

I hope things get better quickly.. and that you get some decent sleep... and that things work theirself out without a big deal on your part.
take care of yourself..