Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Halfway There

Valentine's Day was okay here at Casa Blocher, the Museum of the Weird. This morning when I got up, I found this welcome sight:

This is our vintage overhead light fixture, kind of a flying saucer light with 1950s-style starbursts picked out in gold. Something went wrong with the original wiring a month or two ago, leaving the kitchen severely underlit. (That's when John brought in the table lamp filled with old Happy Meal toys.) But over the last couple of days John managed to replace the broken wiring and get my favorite light fixture back where it belongs.

Oh, yes, there was a fun little Valentine's Day surprise, too, but I'm saving that picture for next week.

This isn't my best picture of the Catalinas half-hidden by low clouds, but I'm showing it off anyway because for once I took it from a different intersection. Doubleclick on the picture to see a little more detail.

I didn't get nearly enough done at work, but I did enter a bunch of data despite numerous interruptions for other urgent tasks.

John and I celebrated Valentine's Day at Mama Louisa's. The earliest reservation I could get, calling at 11 AM, was 8 PM, and even at that we probably waited at least 15 minutes (we were a little early). The food and service were both very good, as usual, but the wait wasn't fun for John, who feels that "no meal in the world" is worth the kind of long wait many people had tonight, waiting to get into their favorite restaurants. Still, it wasn't bad for us, and once we were seated everything was fine and dandy.

Between that and work, I really haven't worked on the church directory at all. I'm just going to have to say that I could not meet the deadline, and that I'll get to it soon. My job has to take precedence over the volunteer work, and sleep has to be given its due also. I keep hearing more and more about the health benefits of sleep and the negative effects of its absence - and the message is beginning to sink in. I know I go on about this all the time, and it's unlikely I'll reform overnight. But I'm working on it.


Update: okay, okay. I collected a few hundred church photos into one folder, and posted the church announcements only half a week late. NOW I'm headed for bath and bed, at not quite 1 AM.

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