Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Round Robin: When I Was Cold, Part One

Just so you know, this is not going to be my most creative Round Robin entry ever. You see, right about the time Janet of Fond of Photography suggested this great Round Robin topic, "Cold," it snowed in Tucson, the first time snow has hit the ground in the city and stayed there in seven or eight years. Once upon a time, I was sick to death of snow, but after nearly 21 years in Tucson it's become a novelty for me, and I'm a little obsessed with it right now. Besides, what is more iconic visual evidence of cold than snow and ice?

Over the years I've written about a number of times when I've been cold, and posted pictures of snow going back all the way to 1972. Finding shots I haven't posted before was a interesting challenge. Tonight I'll just give you pictures and brief captions. Tomorrow I'll give you actual stories about my life and cold times.

Here's the only 1972 snow picture I haven't scanned and posted before now. The girl is my friend at the time, Tracy M. The vertical line marks the edge of an overexposure at the left edge of the black and white photo; in those days we often took pictures beyond the supposed last shot on a roll of film. This was taken near the abandoned railroad bridge above Cherry Manor in Manlius, NY. Manlius is where I learned to be cold. More on that tomorrow night.

This Niagara Falls picture is from February 1986. I can't be sure whether John took it or I did, but chances are excellent that he did. In those days he usually took most of the photos on our travels. Still does, for that matter. Next trip, we'll be a two-camera couple - he got my Nikon when I bought my new Sony Cyber-shot.

We had our Niagara Falls pictures developed at a one-hour place in some other state a few days later. They must have done something wrong, because all our wondrous photos of frozen Niagara came out gray. Thank goodness that even cheap photo editing software like mine can now compensate quite a bit for such problems! (You can find more of these photos here.)

This is from the second White Christmas ever recorded in Tucson, back in 1987. Check out Noodle in her luxurious dog pen, which she shared with Jenny Dog.
Same Christmas, looking northeast across the back yard. The Catalina and Rincon Mountains are invisible behind the white-out conditions.

And here's the recent snow, on January 21, 2007.

I'll have more for you on Wednesday night, but meanwhile, check out how the rest of the Round Robins have chosen to depict "Cold." As always, you're welcome to join in too! See the Round Robin Photo Challenges blog for details!


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Carly said...

Snow Glorious Snow :) Oh how I wish it would snow in the Bay Area. :) Lovely photos always.

Always, Carly

Dorn said...

Brrr! Very cool, er.... cold!

Linda (Lou) said...

I know that I'd miss the snow if I moved away from it! Snow in Tuscon? Who knew! Fun!

Gattina said...

Tucson in snow, who would believed that ? Surely not me, when I were there, it was hot, hot and hot ! The fist thing I saw on the picture with your friend were the trousers !!! I bought the same (blue, red and white stripes) in 1971 when I visited my aunt in Madison/Wisc. ! Nice souvenirs !

Celeste said...

I love the snow. I wish I had more of it here.

Suzanne R said...

Great pictures -- they do an excellent job of depicting the cold, especially the Niagara one! Snow in Arizona seems so unlikely, even more unlikely than when we have it (rarely) here in Oregon.

John Darrow said...

My fave: Niagara Falls. I remember how cold I felt when visiting there, and it wasn't as cold as what your photo captured!

John Darrow said...

Karen! Ha! Thanks for your question about "EINATED" in my photo :) Made for a fun find for me!

Enjoyed your eye photo progression--busted up at the alien result. Nice tweak!

kmm said...

Love the niagra falls photo. i find the snow so fasinating now. Cheers Kerrin

Janet said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh, brrrrrrr!!! Love the photo from 1972...that was an interesting year for me ;-)

julie said...

Finally getting around to the Robins! I love seeing your childhood pictures. I don't have that many of mine. (Perhaps my mom has them.) Great job!