Friday, June 06, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Having Fun?

This ride's not my idea of fun. California Adventure, 2005

Last week, I asked what you folks do for fun apart from the obvious, "the obvious" being defined as reading books (because we've discussed this before) and doing stuff online (because here you are!). Those of you who responded came up with a dizzying variety of fun activities, including but by no means limited to the following:

Mike says, "I like to play golf. I'm not great at it, but I usually have a good time. I like getting outside and trying to get that stupid ball in the stupid hole. No, I never get irritated while I play it, why do you ask?"

Julie says, "What's so fun about bowling? Several things for me. First and foremost, it's a chance to get away from the computer and get out and talk with adults."

Sarah says, "Since I am, fortunately, not a complete wreck, I am pretty freakin' good at having fun in all sorts of ways. I like to try anything that might be fun and if it is, I'll probably do it again. Lots more times."

Florinda says, "For a long time, I've been an "appointment" television viewer; I have certain shows I enjoy watching, I schedule time for them, and that's pretty much it. Since we got a DVR three years ago, I can make my "appointments" at my convenience, and I love that."

Duane says, "A fun thing for me to do is get out in it however possible -- a long walk around the neighborhood, a day trip to a park or a nearby historic site, a hike through the woods, fishing, camping, bird watching, sky gazing, anything that gets me outdoors communing with nature."

Kristi Wachter says, "My idea of a good time is a day spent taking notes, memorizing bits of information, and quizzing myself on what I've learned. For me, studying is tremendous fun."

Kiva says, "Fun thing #1: I play with my grandchildren. I love having the fun without the responsibility. In fact, in a couple of weeks, I will have a new grandchild with which to play!"

Sounds like fun, folks! Thanks!

The new Weekend Assignment will follow shortly.

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