Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot #23: Open Up!

New Monday Shoot #23: Open up something and show us the treasures thus revealed. The thing you open can be a door, a window, a drawer, a box, a jar, a refrigerator...well, you get the idea. If it opens, it counts. Heck, I'll even accept open enrollment, if you can take a picture of it!

Here's what gave me the idea. Yes, it's those silly Matchbox cars again:

As I went to put them away this evening, I accidentally flipped open the hood on the Opel Diplomat sedan, revealing the little engine inside. It turns out that each of the three cars from the other night has a different thing that opens. The trunk opens on the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Coupe (the teal convertible), and both doors open on the gold Lamborghini Miura. In case you were wondering, I had no idea what kinds of cars these toys represent until tonight. The info is printed on the bottom of each car.

Now let's open up some other fun stuff at the Museum of the Weird:

This is Spunky, a "pocketbook doll" and friend of Heidi from the early 1960s. Let's open her pocketbook:

Ta-dah! Spunky keeps several changes of clothing in her oversize purse!

Now let's open a few drawers in the storage unit where the Barbies, Remco dolls, china animals and Matchbox cars are kept:

Top drawer: Calamity Jiddle, her rocking horse and her rather shapeless cowboy hat; a Scott Bakula action figure from Enterprise; a Kiddle Kologne, various metal or plastic people, aliens and animals, a couple Hot Wheels cars and a Matchbox ambulance; an Avon cat and lots of other stuff.

Second drawer:

Original and repro Barbie dolls and boxes, a Pirate of the Caribbean (pre-Depp), and more Remco doll clothes.

Bottom drawer:

Vintage barkcloth and other fabric, including more curtains like the ones we have up in this room. The yellow airplane is for Remco's Heidi doll, and is missing some parts. But I'm keeping it anyway.

Your turn: open something up and photograph whatever is revealed. Post the result to your journal or blog, along with a link back here. Then come and leave a link to your entry in the comments below. I'll be back in a week with a roundup of results. Have fun, and have a great week!


P.S. While I'm at it, I may as well tell you how I did the round the world picture for the Round Robin. The shot above was the halfway stage. I placed the three cars at the base of the globe bank and took the photo. Then I used a magnetic lasso tool to select the cars and the surface they were on, and applied a motion blur to them.

Next I wasted time pasting a Hubble star field over the image and then erasing the stars to reveal the globe and cars beneath. I wasn't satisfied with the results, so I started over with the starfield as the base image. I used a circle select to copy the globe, pasted it over the stars this time, and used a soft edge to get rid of stray pixels around the edge of the globe itself. Finally I used the magnetic lasso again to select all three cars, and pasted them higher in the new composite photo. I merged the layers and voila! Cars in orbit! - KFB


Jama said...

Just finished opening up some stuffs....

Jama Hameed

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I will do this !.. mine will be up tomorrow (wednesday) I'll come back and leave the link

DesLily said...

ok, the photo shoot is up..

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I'm baaaack and my photo is posted.