Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pacing Myself

Okay, so that was too much walking.

I made it to the edge of that shopping center and back, probably a little over a mile roundtrip, in 111-degree heat. It's good that nearly everyone was still at lunch when I returned, because I was coughing and hacking a little bit from the combination of heat and exercise. That sounds a lot worse than it actually was, but it was good that I wasn't due back from lunch yet, and could rest and cool off in the break room before returning to work. Twelve hours later, I still have a little gunk in my lungs. I got through my shorter walks with no problem, but I clearly overdid it today.

I'm not giving up, but I'll need to be more sensible about this. A short walk at lunch, with a bottle of water instead of flat diet soda (D'Oh! I forgot to buy the water!), and maybe some mall walking evenings and weekends. Or walking the dogs at night, when it's only around 97 degrees! Mmm, that doesn't sound very promising, does it? But I'll work something out.

Meanwhile, it's bedtime. I hope I can lie down without too much coughing!

Sorry for the short post. If I wrote any more tonight, it would be about Doctor Who anyway.There's an insane "Doctor lite" episode coming up Saturday in the U.K. The preview shows the Doctor dead. Now only that, but he died a year and a half ago, in one of the Christmas specials, and didn't regenerate. How does that work, exactly? And on top of that, Rose is popping in from another universe, and won't tell Donna her name. Fans have been posting insane theories, but I'd rather wait for the episode itself.

Oh, and one minor bit of good news. I've finally wrestled a particularly awkward scene into submission in Chapter Three of Heirs of Mâvarin, made it shorter and clearer, and managed to work in a hint of foreshadowing. I know, nobody cares but me, but it's my small victory over Crel's red dress.



bea said...

Hi Karen... I'm trying to catch up on entries before I run off to a workshop... your was first when I saw the title, I'm Walking. I read it first, cheered for you, then read this one. Okay, so walking is very good, but the temps are not helping. Do pace yourself. Maybe an evening or early morning walk would be better for you? Or a walk in the mall instead of to the mall! The great thing about Disney is that you will be in and out of air conditioning, and even when you are outside, there are those misted fans that will spray you as you move from one hot point to another. Good luck, and keep walking! Yes indeed. bea

barrettmanor said...

Actually, I'm glad to hear that you're still working on the ms.