Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Counting Down

The Eagle passed its ADEQ test with flying colors.

Two days out from my new job, I accomplished several things, and am temporarily confounded by another looming task. First the accomplishments: I did dishes, got the emissions testing done on my Eagle Vision, and finished the car registration online. ADOT doesn't appear to have sent a registration renewal form at all, but it doesn't matter because I got a notice by email. The environmental quality folks don't need a form except the one they issue, saying whether the vehicle passed - which it did.

Thick, aren't they? And these are ultralights.

The anti-glare coating is great stuff, but shows every smudge

I also picked up my new glasses, despite the fact that nobody called to say they were in. With my high prescription and the extras that requires (thick polycarbonate no-line progressive lenses with a couple different coatings), it was expected to take two weeks to get them, and that's exactly what it took. Nobody said so, but from the running around in the lab I observed and snippets of conversation I almost overheard, I suspect the tray with my glasses had been temporarily misfiled. Still, I got 'em without too much of a wait (they were very busy, but efficient), and took them back a few minutes later to be tightened some more. They are much stronger than either of the old pairs I've made do with the past two weeks, and I'm having no trouble at all adjusting to the bifocal or trifocal effect, whichever it is.

So much for paperless DES filing

So that all worked out great, but my unemployment stuff is being a little less user-friendly. True, I filed my application online last week (that's the only way the Arizona Department of Economic Security will register anyone anymore), and filed my first week's claim tonight. (No claim is allowed for the first week of joblessness.) But I also got two pieces of snail mail from DES. One requires me to sign a form acknowledging my receipt and reading of their little yellow info booklet, and mail the form to Phoenix in the next couple of days. They don't even provide an envelope. The other is a confirmation that I made X, Y, and Z dollars from various employers over the last year, which entitles me to $240 a week. Enclosed with that is a form asking me to list all my contacts with potential employers since I put in for unemployment. That's easy. I had one job interview, a couple phone calls with my recruiter, and a trip to the recruiter's office after I got the placement, to fill out a fresh W4, A4 and I-9. Ta-dah!

So tomorrow I fill out these silly forms and mail them off, do laundry and stuff like that. I also want to find the third and final volume of the Patricia Wrede & Caroline Stevemer Kate and Cecelia trilogy, having finished the second book tonight. Then on Wednesday, the new job begins! But for now I must go to bed. I'm working on going to bed earlier every night, and according to my schedule, I'm 20 minutes overdue.



barrettmanor said...

Well, I'm still up. Or to be more precise, I went to sleep and woke up after a couple of hours to rain and a change in air pressure. Oh, I often have trouble when a front comes through. But I'd rather be asleep.

DesLily said...

nothing like a little paperwork eh? (gross!)

Ohhh, I hope you are enjoying the Cecelia and Kate trilogy! I liked them.. a tad different from what I normally read, but enjoyed them quite a bit!