Sunday, June 29, 2008


This is to let you know I probably won't make the rounds visiting the Robins' entries until tomorrow. I'm sure they're great, but you see, I'm finding it hard to do anything tonight except listen to myself pant, and wheeze, and cough. It's only a cold, not worthy of overdramatizing, but dang! Unless I feel significantly better by morning, I'm going to call Kevin and Proscovia and tell them I can't make it to church this week. That's rare for me - I think I've missed church due to illness once in the last decade, and that was with a broken ankle. But one of the priests at St. Michael's is over 90 years old and was in the hospital recently, and another has been in and out of hospitals with emphysema. I could probably avoid infecting the one, but I might be called upon to serve at mass with the other. Besides, who wants an acolyte to sit panting and coughing all through church?

Yes, Kiva, I blame you - you and your cybercold, transmitted by bytes and pixels! ;)

And yes, I've also been busy obsessing about today's episode of Doctor Who, which is among my very favorites in the 45-year history of the show. I'd like to sit and watch it again, but for technical reasons that's not possible right now. Yet I can't seem to sit at the computer for long at a stretch, either.

I think I'll go see what, if anything, a hot bath can do for my bronchial tubes (or lungs, or whatever). But first, so this entry has something in it besides Doctor Who and self-pity, here are two recent shots of Oro Valley:

Can you think of a prettier spot to wait for John to pick me up?

The view out the break room window during a storm the other day



Becky said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Kiva said...

Take lots of naps... that's what is helping me. Are you talking about the first of the two-part Dr. Who's or have you already seen what/who Dr. Who regenerates into?