Thursday, June 19, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Beauty, Eh?

Last week for the Weekend Assignment, I asked you to tell us about something you consider beautiful. Let's see what beauteous things people talked about:

Pat (DesLily) says in comments, "that first photo really is gorgeous!!!" Thanks!

Carly extols the beauty of the Bay Area, and proves it with her pictures.

Kristi Wachter tells us why she loves the ever-changing ocean.

Mike gets a little help from Hubble to show us the beauty of the universe.

Sarah says in comments, "I'm going to have to submit an IOU for this one . . . but off the top of my head, some things that are beautiful include the Great Barrier Reef, a starry sky in the Sierras, Half Dome, and Sedona."

Kiva sees beauty in a particular newborn child - her granddaughter.

Yes, all of these subjects are indeed beautiful. Thanks, folks! A new Weekend Assignment topic will be posted shortly.


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