Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot Results: Magazines

Last week for the Monday Photo Shoot, I asked to see your magazines. Here's what people came up with:

Pat (DesLily) presents a variety of magazines featuring DeForest Kelley.

Jama raids her son's magazines for us, AND shows us one in which she's an "accidental model."

barrettmanor shows us two classic, vintage science fiction magazines.

Laura comes up with whole collections of magazines on a variety of subjects.

Kiva issues a dispatch from the road - the railroad, that is - as she shows us a coffee table full of reading material.
Good stuff, folks! One thing, though: several of you forgot to leave a link to your entry, or left the wrong link. I hope I found everyone anyway! If I missed someone, please let me know.
After hours of struggles and restarts, I've been forced onto Internet Explorer tonight because Firefox is almost completely dead in the water for me. I suspect that a new AIM update has either caused a conflict or corrupted a file. Phooey! Nevertheless, I should have the new Monday Photo Shoot topic posted very shortly.


Marah Marie said...

Hi, can tell me exactly what AIM is messing up for you in Firefox? I'm going to wrote about that same problem on my blog soon to get the word out because no one else except you and I is talking about it on the Web yet (I checked AOL's beta msg. boards and a crapload of other places; no word from anyone yet).

I'm having the same problem as you, I think: every time I install any version of AIM (AIM 6.5 and 6.8 are the culprits at the moment) AIM removes the .xpi preferences in Firefox for three addons: PDF Download, McAfee Site Advisor, and Speed Dial.

Those three addons actually reinstall themselves with their preferences no longer set when I finish installing AIM and start Firefox up again.

Losing all the preset pages in Speed Dial is particularly hard for me because I had three groups of pages saved...please, if you would let me know exactly what AIM is messing up for you in Firefox, I'd be really glad. I'll add your story to my upcoming post if you don't mind, too. Thanks!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

That's not quite what my problem is. Firefox stalls out just before it finishes loading all my open tabs from the previous session, and simply stops responding. I can't reload a page, follow a link, or even click to another tab. I've restarted the computer and it doesn't help. My next step, I suppose, will be to reinstall Firefox, even though it's the same version number. Phooey.

Kiva said...

I'm so sorry for not telling you. I thought I would be back in time to link to your blog. The train was due in at 6:30pm, but we got in at 10:30 and it was Monday before we got home and got to bed! But it was a blast!!!!!

Kiva said...

It's me again. Is that the Verde Canyon Railroad I see on the magazine. Wooo-hoooo! I love that ride!