Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Good News, Bad News, No News (As Usual)

It's been a bit of a good news, bad news, no news day. (I seem to get a lot of those.) On the bad news side, I had no phone calls about jobs, and saw no new listings worth pursuing. Also, I discovered that a service I signed up for yesterday accidentally combined two line items and sent an email to a male friend of mine, addressed to "Mary." I tried to apologize in a separate email, but his mailbox is full. Sigh. Also, when I returned to my office after an hour of watching Doctor Who tonight, this was on my computer screen:

I rebooted and so far things seem fine. But I'm not at all convinced that my current versions of Vista, AIM and Firefox are mutually compatible right now, and that I don't have a missing or corrupted file somewhere.

On the good news side, I received my final check from FVD, finished cleaning the kitchen except for scrubbing the stove and fridge, and cleaned up the bathroom a bit. Oh, and I cleared a bunch of messages off the land line, very few of which mattered in the least. My problem with that phone is that almost all the incoming calls are robocalls, and we very seldom dial out on it. So it takes me weeks to notice that there are messages on the thing, and when I do, I don't want to sit through 11 messages of reconfirmations of past appointments, refi or real estate offers, political pitches, and someone wanting me to fill in for someone else in church three weeks ago. I can't fill in for anyone anyway - I'm already needed as crucifer or torch, every single week now. But still, today I got all the messages cleared, again, and I feel good about that.

I also finally went back to Mâvarin - or rather, the writing and editing thereof. Because I've slacked off for so long, I took it from the top: Heirs of Mâvarin, Chapter One, beginning to end. I managed to improve some phrasing and cut 60 words. My word count spreadsheet now gives a total of 159,092 words for that book, down from over 160K, probably as much as 162K or higher. The manuscript page count is 533. The last time I worked on it for any length of time, I got as far as chapter 9, so there probably won't be major cuts until the last four chapters. Still, it's worth going through it again from the beginning, partly to refresh my memory of the current version of everything, and also because it's been long enough that I might actually notice typos and awkward sentences that slip past me when the material is too familiar.

And when I get to the end, I'll do my best to market it to agents and YA publishers. I promise.

Tomorrow is Tuffy's followup with the vet. I'll let you know what the verdict is, if any.



DesLily said...

ewww that blue screen is scarey.. that's all you need now is to have your computer go down when you need it for job hunting... crossing my fingers for you!

Kiva said...

oh, no! The blue screen...
Good girl! Go back to work and get that manuscript whipped into shape so I can have my very own copy.

Eruvande said...

The Blue Screen of Death!! Argh!

Just wandered over from The Former Outpost Gallifrey (tm) after offering you chocolate cake, and I see you have an interesting blog that is made of win, as the kids say. Top hole! Spiffing!