Monday, July 30, 2007

Next to Something

Zorro defends my office plant, despite the snow

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of things that are juxtaposed in interesting ways. "Juxtapose" means "To place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast," in case you hadn't run up against the word very much (it's one of those Scrabble words). Basically, if two things you see next or near to each other make an interesting picture, or seem to comment on each other in an interesting or ironic fashion, you're good to go.

Unobservant person that I am, this isn't an easy one for me. And yet I've ended up with seven photos for you. You be the judge of whether or not they're lame. First up, a subject I've photographed before, and the first juxtaposition I thought of today, mostly because I've been aware of it for years. Here's Zorro, defending the plant in my cubicle at work. I hope the hero of 1820 Spanish California isn't too chilled by the snowy scene on the box behind him!

Snoopy loves Trophy - but aren't they both boy toys?

In our trying to make room for more Doctor Who DVDs, somewhere along the line Trophy got shoved on top of Fisher-Price's Little Snoopy. Looks like love! Tuffy the Toro is the odd bull out.

Grouping of games at the Museum of the Weird

Part of our collection of vintage games offers a few interesting juxtapositions. Does a Ouija board put you in Jeopardy? (Answer: no.) Does Uncle Wiggily wear a wig, just as the Beatles don't? If you win the Game of the States, will you Go to the Head of the Class? If you do, will it involve climbing a ladder? Do Uncle Wiggily and the Tickle Bee live in Candy Land?

And I'm not that big a DB fan.

Two magazines, waiting to be read or recycled or both, happen to feature David Boreanaz on their covers. That's not why I bought that TV Guide, honest!

Let's not argue, okay?

An outdated Physics textbook and a Bible share shelf space, somewhere between a treasure chest and the trash. No further commentary from me on this one.

Childhood, meet adulthood. Help us, Peter Pan!

Not quite a child's toy, a promo rubber duck sits next to a tile depicting a Pueblo storyteller, stories of the boy who wouldn't grow up, and four scholarly works about children's literature. Adulthood is so overrated!

Rhymes with "bat"

Cutting out early tonight for reading, editing and/or sleeping. I'm on the second Harry Potter book now. Jekyll was good. We finished watching it tonight. Tomorrow I hope to write that letter from Jace, and maybe buy a $600 SONY computer, John willing and the creek don't rise. Meanwhile, good night!



Shelly said...

Nice pics. There are whole groups on flickr devoted to such pics as those with rubber duckies and action figures leading their lives. I should know. I'm in many of them. :)

Nancy said...

You did great! Lots of juxts there!