Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One of Those Days You're Glad You Don't Live Here

Of course it's different for me, because I do live here. Most of the time I don't mind, but some days are less pleasant than others.

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture in which shadow plays a significant role in the composition. You may ask, how does this differ from the recent Photo Shoot involving silhouettes? Silhouettes are a very specific sort of shadowplay, and for this assignment you can take a wider approach -- shadows of all sorts (you can use silhouettes, of course. Just don't recycle the shot you used!). Shadows make give a photo drama it might not otherwise have.

The temperature in my car at lunchtime

It was cloudy for most of the day today, so the conditions weren't ideal for photos of shadows. In fact, let's face it: conditions weren't ideal, period. My husband is the only person I know who claims not to be bothered by the kinds of temperatures we've had lately. Even he is starting to admit to the heat, occasionally, as the humidity rises. Even when I drove home around 6 PM, in a light rain at the end of a monsoon storm, the temp was only down to 88.

Shadows on the Catalina mountaintops

More Catalina shadows, as seem from the parking lot at work

Still, there were some shadows between 1:50 PM, when I headed out to lunch, and 2-something PM when I got back. I got a few shots of shadows on the Santa Catalina Mountains, but nothing as dramatic as the ones I've lucked onto in the past.

Palm tree shadows at lunchtime

This is my favorite of the lot, a pair of shadows from palm trees near our building's employee entrance.

Short entry again tonight: I'm trying to concentrate on Chapter 11 and getting to bed sooner. Also I've been feeling a little yucky today. Good night!


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psychfun said...

Good Lord & I thought my 94 was bad! Yipes!