Thursday, July 19, 2007

De Plane, De Plane

Okay, maybe it won't be a substantive entry after all. But at least I have some unusual pictures for you tonight.

The hanger, as a storm moves past.

We (that is, some co-workers and I) went on a field trip late this afternoon. We went out to the Executive Terminal area at Tucson International Airport, to a hanger where the two company planes are kept.

Two of my co-workers on the steps of the nicer plane

One of the pilots in the cockpit of the same plane

The traffic control tower.

I was in that tower, 20 years ago when I was in travel agent school.

I should probably tell you about the trip in some detail, about the long drive out there, the nice spread of food, the difference between the two planes, the entertainment possibilities on board, and what I saw on the drive back. But on the other hand, some of this probably falls under the terms of a non-disclosure agreement, either a formal one or my self-imposed one. So enjoy the pictures for now, and I'll revisit the subject later when I can work in some appropriate words.

Speaking of appropriate words, I've reached the last chapter of Heirs of Mâvarin in my editing, and yes, I crashed MS Word again. I'm convinced that my current version of Norton doesn't even have an equivalent of Disk Doctor. Shame on them! Anyway, I'm on page 494 and counting. And there I stop, at least for tonight!



julie said...

Wow, some of your posts are landing in my reader very late. This one, for example, showed up at 1:00 pm. Something up with Blogger?

Of course, I checked in this morning I knew that lack of a feed item wouldn't mean lack of a post!

Becky said...

Ooo! Private planes! I'd love to hear the story on how you got into this little adventure!