Friday, July 06, 2007

The Bottom of a Barrel of Monkeys

Weekend Assignment #173: Share a joke. Make it funny. Also, since I'll want to link back to them, and I am, after all, but a cog in the great AOL machine, keep it reasonably clean and free of ethnic/sexual put-downs. You know.

Oh, Scalzi, you have no idea how hard that is for me. I've already told every single joke I know in one blog or another, except for a couple of politically incorrect ones of yesteryear, some elephant jokes that are actually riddles, and a few that belong to John Manynames and I wouldn't want to steal them. I'm not a jokey person, which is perhaps why I love the Brick Joke so much. It's the ultimate anti-joke. Here are most of them:

(Links updated 3/14/09:)

2/4/05: Karen's Joke File: An Experiment (#1 of about 5)

2/5/05: Karen's Joke File #2: The Brick (The Rooster Was Better)

2/6/05: Karen's Joke File #3: The Prison Jokes

2/7/05: Karen's Joke File #4: The Con and the Corn Flakes

2/8/05: Karen's Joke File: The Monkey and the Cigar

10/8/05: The Jon Pertwee Memorial Joke

10/6/05: Bad Jokes, Told Badly

I don't know. I manage to make my boss laugh on a daily basis, and co-workers in email, but that's with little quips, not jokes. (Update: by way of example, here's a bit of banter from Saturday afternoon. John's computer setup was beeping - beep...beep...beep... - something to do with a power issue. I asked him whether it was the sound of the computer "backing up.")

Do you really want to hear about the elephants in the VW, or Tarzan and the elephants? 'Cause that's all I can come up with right now. No, scratch that. I'm not telling Tarzan and the elephants because it's out of a book I read at age seven or so. The VW one I got from Joel all those years ago.

How many elephants can you fit in a Volkswagon Beetle?
Six: three in the back, two in the front, and one in the glove compartment.

Listen, I know it's lame. I'll try to top that before the weekend's over.

(Nope, didn't come up with a thing. But when I asked John for a joke, he directed me to Aisle 11 at Safeway.)

Extra Credit: So, ever been to Kansas City? Because that's where I'm going.

Meanwhile, I've got Heirs of Mâvarin edited through Chapter 6 now. That chapter was a problem, actually. I would have been in bed an hour ago, but Word crashed when I tried to save, and the autosave didn't retain anything for some reason. I had to redo nearly the whole chapter. But it's done now, and I'm in Chapter Seven, page 269. I just hope I found and reconstructed all my little edits. Chapter Six is also the first to get a little longer this time through, instead of a little shorter.

Must sleep now! Good night!

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