Monday, July 09, 2007

Geometry is Everywhere

Monday Photo Shoot: Picture something that shows off something geometrical. Squares, cubes, vectors, right angles, tangents and so on; basically, any picture that shows geometrical forms and shapes in an interesting and obvious way.

From there to here, from here to there,
Geometry is everywhere.

I can't begin to compete with Scalzi's own picture for this topic, but a have a few exhibits for you from here at Casa Blocher, the Museum of the Weird. Nothing too weird this time, I'm sorry to say, but not entirely without interest - I hope!

Circular vintage ceiling fixture with a starburst pattern, offset by a square-patterned skylight panel.

Bricks and boards make basic oblong shapes - once I fussed with the perspective tool for several minutes.

The chair and the wall form squares, oblongs, and trapezoids, all distorted by perspective.

A vintage starburst clock is made primarily of circles and triangles, spheres and cylinders. I actually composited two photos to make this picture work.

Geometric patterns on John's shirts, looking less so on the rack.

Last night's ambitious entry kept me up late, late, late, especially since I got out of bed twice to add to it. So tonight we'll keep it short, okay? Good night!



Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I like the bricks and wall best.

Hui Min GOH said...


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Hui Min GOH
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