Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Chasing Shadows

Shadows on the mountains, as seen from Wilmot south of Broadway

Today was a bit better than yesterday for shadow pictures, so I took some. Here are the best of them. I haven't anything brilliant to say about them. They are all of Mount Lemmon and the Santa Catalina Mountains, as photographed from Wilmot Road, more or less.

A few seconds later

From "beyond the berm" in the U.L.C. parking lot. I like the
shadow over the execs' cars in the covered parking.

I zoomed in and aimed high for this one. I like the result.

Lest you think I'm spending all my time on Doctor Who and Wikipedia, I am happy to report that I finished editing Chapter 11 of Heirs. I'm less happy to report that I crashed MS Word when I started work on Chapter 12. That happens a lot lately, especially if I've had the word count doc open. The table in it gives my computer fits. Still, I persevere. I'm on page 461 in the edit, about a third of the way through Chapter 12, which is the next to last chapter. I love the way the story comes together in the last three chapters or so, although there are a few annoyingly short scenes I may have to fuss with by combining a few things. Or not.

I should have a more substantive entry for you tomorrow night - unless, of course, I finish editing the book instead. If I do that, then good for me!


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