Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ah, That's Better!

I didn't mention it here, but I had a stressful few days toward the end of this past week. There were some things I needed to get done at work that dragged on and on, and things I didn't have time to do, and things I didn't want to do. I managed to put several of these sources of stress behind me on Friday. Tomorrow I will take care of one more. And today, which is to say, this past day, Saturday, Russell T. Davies took care of the remaining source of my stress.

Ridiculous. Maybe even pathetic. But true.

The opening shot of the season finale,
reprising the previous episode

There were lots of pieces of the puzzle that was the end of Series Three of the revival of Doctor Who, lots of hints, lots of rumors. I was worried that the resolution would not be a satisfactory one, that the Doctor would regenerate, that the Earth would remain a mess, that something nonsensical would happen to the long-dead Time Lords, that something bad would happen to Martha. After three years I should have learned to trust that the show's main writer and executive producer would make it all work. And he did, mostly. There is one element that remains a bit of a cheat, but the rest of it works, it makes sense, it pulls it all together. And I'm still smiling about one out-of-the-blue revelation toward the end. I bet nobody saw that one coming! Judging from the Talk page of one Wikipedia article, some people hate the idea and are trying to weasel out of its being true, but me, I'm laughing. Perfect!

So except although the season I've just watched on download (shh!) is about to be aired on cable here, there is no new Doctor Who-related tv for me until The Sarah Jane Adventures of the next Christmas special, whichever comes first. And that's okay, because it means this frenzied watching of the show should start to abate, leaving me time for more important things, like finishing that edit of Heirs of Mâvarin and sending it out to DAW, like revising Mages of Mâvarin, like writing that Jace sequel in earnest, and finally finishing Chapter One of The Mâvarin Revolutions. I haven't been idle on these things - well, not on most of them, anyway - but less distraction should help.

And just to show that I actually have been writing, tomorrow I will post Jace's first letter from "Later This Somewhere," over or the fiction blog. Probably.


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