Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Schroedinger's Computer (Sort Of)

I had a completely different entry planned for tonight. I've edited the photos and everything, but I can't get at them right now. So instead we're going with my B material: the story of how I snagged this:

And what I've been doing since getting it home.

I first saw this deal on a SONY VAIO laptop when I was taking pictures for the Round Robin Photo Challenge last week. It was only $599.99, with no rebate to mail in. I wasn't initially going to buy it, or any computer just yet, but then the Compaq started failing ever more spectacularly, and I knew I had to replace it. So Tuesday at lunchtime, I went back and checked out the possibilities at Best Buy. The SONY was the obvious choice. Over a a gig of RAM, 120 GB of storage, and a screen about an inch wider than my old one.

So tonight after work I told John I was going to go buy it. Off I went to Best Buy on Broadway near Wilmot. It took a good 15 minutes to get a sales guy, during which time I noticed that the computer is a closeout, marked down $300 from $899.99. Then the sales guy told me that they were out of that model. Their computer said they had two in inventory, but he'd looked earlier, twice, and they were nowhere to be found. He also said that the computer showed seven of them at the other location across town. So I went to Safeway, bought sausage, came home, cooked the sausage but didn't eat it, and drove 35 minutes or so to get to First and Wetmore. There, unlike at the other store, I got help right away, from a sales guy and a supervisor - both of whom promptly told me that they don't even carry the SONY model that the other store was sending people to buy!

Well, obviously I got it. How did that happen? It all has to do with the title of this entry. See, as long as nobody actually looked for them at the northwest location, they were simultaneously present (according to the east side location's computer) and absent (according to the northwest sales staff). The Wetmore guys didn't even have a model number to look up, and I hadn't thought to write it down. They tried to call the other store, but, as they predicted, the other store's computer department didn't answer the phone.

Then the supervisor guy climbed up a ladder and started looking at the locked up inventory of SONY laptops - and potential became reality. They did indeed have them. They just didn't know about it! Now they can display one and sell the rest. Good for them, great for me, 'cause I got to take one home.

Now, seven and a half hours later, I'm typing this on the old computer as the new one loads files off the external hard drive. I have no idea how that's going to work out, except that it knows to copy settings and I did copy all the Documents and Settings files to the drive before I started. There will probably be a lot of dupe files from the Maxtor backup program, but better too much than too little. I can clean it out later.

But first I've got to get some sleep!



Paul said...

Cool! I'm jealous. I wanna laptop. And a wireless home network. And a pony. (Well, not so much with the pony, but that's just what everybody says, innit?)

Anonymous said...

Congrads on the new computer. I am sure you'll have lots of fun on it.

julie said...

Oh, good for you! If that guy has Vista, it has a utility that you can use to move your programs and settings from the Compaq. You'll probably need a special USB cable to do it, but it might save you a lot of time and frustration.

(BTW, did you get the e-mails I sent the other day? Curious because of my ongoing troubles between my ISP and yours.)

DesLily said...

congrats Karen!! I hope all goes well and you really get to enjoy this new laptop!!!!

Astaryth said...

Oooohhhhh! Shiny! LOL! congrats on the new toy. The laptop I passed down to G was a Sony Vaio. I got a couple of good years use out of it, and it still plugs along for him :)

Carly said...

Cool... very, very cool! :) This will undoubtedly make life much easier for you, and posting photos a dream. :) Now, you might even be able to view some videos a little easier. :) Congratulations darlin!

Always, Carly

Becky said...

Berry berry nice indeed! :-)