Sunday, July 22, 2007

Welcome to My Monsoon

While I'm busy reading one book and editing another, let me just post some more pictures to fill out tonight's very late entry. The first four pictures are from Thursday evening, the fifth from Saturday shortly before sunset.

Windblown palms at sunset

When I left work on Thursday it was just before sunset, the sky was purple-pink, the wind was gale-strength, and it was just starting to rain a tiny bit.

Street sign and dust in the wind

By the time I got to Craycroft and 22nd, the wind was having a noticeable effect on my car, and the street sign at the light was flapping wildly in the wind. I opend the car window to take this picture. The spots are dust, from the dust storm the preceded the heavy rain.

More palms, blowing at dusk as the rain begins in earnest

By the time I reached 29th and Craycroft, we were having serious rain.

And this was today, shortly before sunset. The rain was so heavy that I was reluctant to venture out of the covered entryway. When I finally did so, I was soaked in seconds.

Bed now, I think. I'm on page 570 of Potter, and page 523 of Heirs. I added some description to this chapter, and had to double back to Chapter to fix a continuity glitch. This book is not going to be any shorter when I'm done - but it will be better.


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Becky said...

Love the pre-dawn shot. That's one of my fav times of the day.