Thursday, July 12, 2007

Looking the Wrong Way

Sunset, July 11, 2007, looking southeast across Craycroft

I was going to do a whole metaphor thing again tonight, based on the title this photo suggested. One of the things I love about Tucson is that it's possible to find a sunset photo in any direction, if you look from the right vantage point at the right moment. This one was taken in front of Yokohama Rice Bowl on Craycroft, looking across the street at the very same bus stop I photographed months ago for a Monday Photo Shoot after dropping off my car at my mechanic's garage a few doors south. You can just about see One Stop Automotive at the right edge of the photo. And yes, I saturated it to get the colors that were actually in the sky. I kind of like the Technicolor-style exaggeration of the buildings that came with it.

The point, though, is that tonight's sunset was more interesting as I looked in pretty much the opposite direction from where the actual sun was setting. By looking the wrong way at the right time, we often find unexpected sights, ideas, opportunities. Well, maybe. That was the basic idea, anyway. I'm sure I could come up with a great little essay about that, if I had the time, inspiration and functioning brain cells.

But I'm feeling a little stressed out and unwell tonight, in part because I have an international conference call in the morning, and must therefore be at work early (for which read: on time for once). I've finished the book I was reading last night, visited the Robins, and now must look the right way for a change: toward my bed. Good night!

Update: feeling better now.

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DesLily said...

wow.. that photo looks like a painters pallet!