Sunday, July 08, 2007

All Through the Night - or Not

The clothes are in the dryer, the previous batch of clean laundry is folded on the kitchen table, and there's a whole pile of books, mail and media waiting for me to sort and file. John says I don't do enough work around here, and he's right. Maybe tomorrow.

I've had email today from two Wikipedians, one about The Mickey Mouse Club, of all things, the other about Doctor Who. It seems strange to say it, but Wiki-related email opens up new possibilities for working things out a little less publicly than on a Wikipedia talk page. I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. Like pretty much everything else in life, I suppose "it depends." But it was interesting, finding out a little about a Disney reference book I use all the time, and the reasoning of someone else as he tackled a tricky edit.

More email: one of our priests sent out an email newsletter, and, shortly thereafter, news and a prayer about the head of our parish's ECW, in the hospital with heart problems. And the pastor wants me to meet with him in the morning about sermon podcasting, to work out the technical issues. I should upload the sermons I've been sitting on; they're wma instead of mp3, but people can cope if they have to, right?

So many obligations that I don't quite keep up with. And so much stuff that I do instead, because it's easier and more gratifying, and because everyone needs some recreation. Finding the balance, that's the tricky part. And whenever I mention the issue, I get lectures from well-meaning friends. Just don't. This time, just this once, leave me to work it out for myself. I'll get there. You can't see it, but things do get better. Slowly, but it happens.

Oh, and I'm Chapter Eight of Heirs now, on page 320.

I actually slept in this morning and early afternoon, and don't want to blow it by pulling an all-nighter here. So this rather disjointed entry will have to be sufficient for tonight. I'll try to do better tomorrow night.


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julie said...

Mac users will have trouble listening to a podcast in wma format. You can use a freeware program like Audacity to convert it. If you're interested in the details, drop me a line.