Monday, July 02, 2007

Actual Writing Is Actually Taking Place

As promised, I've typed up Jace's first letter to Sandy in "Later This Somewhere," the sequel to "The Jace Letters," and posted it on my fiction blog. By the time I got the continuity under control it came to under 400 words, so I wrote and added Sandy's reply. Sara G. had thrown out a few interesting venues in an IM earlier tonight, and I think Sarah K. will be pleased with the one I went with. If you're one of my fiction readers, I hope you'll like it, too!

I've had a few surprising bits of feedback from folks this weekend:

Barbara from Colorado left a comment on a three-year-old entry in Musings, asking about the artist who made a pair of kachina figures I photographed. I Googled, and on the first screen I only got what appeared to be info on an archaeologist, David A. Phillips, Jr, plus my own journal entry. Sorry! Maybe Santa Fe Trading Company in Tucson can help you; they're the ones who were selling the figures.

"Anonymous" had a few things to say. He, she or they found my entry about "The Fan-Tailed Warbler Disaster" a "very interesting story," and identified the bird on the prickly pear as an Ash-throated Flycatcher. Could well be!

Melissa enthused about the Beatles and the Stones in her comment to an old Weekend Assignment entry from back in May. John L. Trapp responded to the current Weekend Assignment entry, calling the warbler story "A very interesting tale of misadventure." Thank you very much! I love the word "misadventure." It always reminds me of the "Catch a Falling Star" episode of Quantum Leap. Paul wanted me to know that he was holding himself back from commenting negatively about an entry that mentioned some missionaries. Thanks for that, and to Bea for her more positive response to the entry via email.

Whew! I guess my drought in comments is over for now! I'm very grateful, really.

I won't go on tonight about Doctor Who again. Instead let me assure you that I did get some work done on Heirs of Mâvarin. I finally finished editing Chapter Four, updated my word count spreadsheet and went on to Chapter Five. I'm on page 180. That's only a third of the way through the book, exactly one third as it happens. Still, it's progress!


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