Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Want...! But I'll Settle For...!

Well, well, well. Not only is it time for the next Round Robin Photo Challenge, but it's actually my turn to suggest the topic! That hasn't happened in over two years! For some reason my brain insisted that the theme for this time is "Gimme Gimme," and who am I to argue with my own brain?

I actually had no idea what I was going to post in connection with this topic, even as recently as this morning. Honestly, no clue. Then I remembered that I needed to go to Safeway and buy cold cuts for a pot luck at work. While I was there I took a few pictures of the store's most tempting case of edible decadence. I'll take one of each, please! But of course I didn't actually say that.

Sure, chocolate and stuff is pretty tempting, but there are other things I want much more than that, things that last more than a minute or two. Most of them are available at Best Buy. It seems I've been complaining for over a year now about the state of the keyboard on my laptop, the worn-away lettering that almost ensures that half the time when I try for an o or a u I type an i or a p instead. Best Buy doesn't carry the cheap roll-up keyboards, but there's a place on their shelves for a conventional one for $19.99. Except that they're usually out of them. Tonight they weren't. And I thought, given the "gimme gimme" idea, maybe I'd indulge myself, $20 worth. It's not as if I don't really need the thing!

Ah, but if I were to really give in to my greed, I could certainly do much better than a $20 keyboard. How about a slightly more ergonomic, wireless one? Only $69.99!

But heck, if I'm going to start spending more than a few bucks on peripherals, perhaps I should set my sights a bit higher. Have you priced laptops lately? I saw one for $599.99 that writes DVDs and has 160 GB of disk space. This one, for $50 more, has similar features. Heck, I'll take it! I don't need the one for $1,399.99. I'm not greedy. Well, not that greedy.

But of course I didn't actually buy the $649.99 laptop, or even the $599.99 one. When I sell the novel, or get a raise, sure, but not tonight. No, I bought the $20 keyboard and another $29.99 four-port hub, because I was out of USB ports again and the wires on my desk were a tangled mess.

So I've redeployed the wires and cords to be less messy, and for now I've got the new keyboard sitting on a towel on top of the laptop's worn-out built-in keyboard. It's wonderful to see letters again as I type.

I think the space bar is a little iffy, or maybe it's the height of the keys relative to my fingers that's throwing me off a little. And for some reason I keep getting thrown into a line above where I was typing, so that the new word gets typed in the middle of a previous one. I don't know whether that's a glitch with the new keyboard, or something I'm doing, or the old keyboard reacting to my pounding on the new one above it. Probably the latter. I'll work it out. If I have to, I'll move the laptop back so the new keyboard fits on the desk.

Now, there is one thing I want more than a chocolate cheesecake, a new keyboard or a new laptop. I want to sell the darn novels. Somebody gimme a contract already! Heirs of Mâvarin currently awaits printing so I can send it off to DAW. And I'm on chapter two in editing Mages of Mâvarin. Yes, I started over. Again.


Now go see what makes everyone else want to say, "Gimme gimme!"

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Carly said...

Hi Karen :)

Oh yes, sweet yummy goodness please! LOL. I have always wanted to order a cheesecake from the Carnegie Deli, in New York. One of these days... I am gonna mortgage the cat and order one. Wait! Nah... sigh... he's too cute to mortgage. LOL. Sigh. ;) Cute entry darlin!

Always, Carly

Janet said...

I loved the story that went along with the pictures :-) As for laptops, I finally broke down and bought one yesterday...we'll see if I'm in love when I get it!

Mine's posted!

Nancy said...

I love it, Karen! First, the topic was awesome. Second, I love the two (very different) choices of sweets and computer stuff! That would be a very hard call for me to pick ONE. I say, go for it all. Go get it, Karen!


MyMaracas said...

Mmmmm foood. Mmmmm toys. LOL

Thanks for a great topic!

Steven said...

A keyboard is on my gimme list too. Just can't find the right one at the right price.

Gattina said...

So you changed "gimme, gimme" to "I gaveme, gaveme", lol looks very nice the new keyboard and I am sure you will get used to it soon.

volo_libero said...

Congrats on the new toys! Finding a keyboard is tough, there are so many that just don't feel right. Great topic!

Becky said...

Uh oh...what's this? My *computer tech* sense is tingling. Ah ha! Oh dear. One of the primary escape routes for the heat generated by your CPU is through the keyboard. Is that a towel I see covering most of your laptop (and perhaps even overlapping the sides and covering the fan exhaust vents too)? Yikes! You don't want your laptop to overheat. Trust me. ;-)

kmm said...

Ah finally success. I dont think it was the the monitoring as the window just would not open.

Terrific entry-Gimme those cakes, they look so good. I always like your stories that go with the pics.
Computer equipment is a bit like a car as long as it's working I don't worry about it. For our profressional development this year we were allocated 1,500 dollars to buy a lap top. So i did, but only so I could use it for holidays and my photos.
Cheers Kerrin

Suzanne R said...

May your novel sell, my dear -- that was always a dream of mine, until I realized I wasn't cut out for writing fiction! LOL! But it was always a dream of mine to do that. Love the looks of the goodies -- wish I could eat them. Would love another keyboard since Socks ruined my first one, too. Great entry!