Monday, October 20, 2008

What I've Done, and What I Ought to Do

Ow! Pepper!
Darn it, Pepper!
(She was much less visible than in the first shot here.)
  • Went to church, barely on time, too late to serve at Mass. This was just as well, because last night I stubbed my toes badly on a wooden bookcase, tripping over a certain black dog in the dark. Limping up the aisle with candle in hand probably wouldn't be a good idea. I may have a broken toe or two, but since I can't afford a doctor I'll never know whether this is the case.
  • Did a sinkful of dishes. One down, one to go.
  • Took a much-needed nap.
  • Sat on a bench at the dog park with an acquaintance there, a journalism student, as the dogs tried to work out what to do if they couldn't follow me around the track. They managed to have fun anyway. My new friend, who broke a toe recently herself, said that all they can do for broken toes is wrap them, and maybe have you wear a special boot.
  • Bought groceries (and first aid tape) and made dinner.
  • Returned a friend's phone call.
  • Made minor progress on my unread mail.
  • Admonished Cayenne for stepping on my toes. Yes, those toes.
  • Spent an hour or two editing a version of last night's entry, and submitted it to Huffington Post's Off the Bus pages.
  • Fussed around with a few more avatars so I could submit a choice of headshots to HuffPo.
  • Experimented with templates and template widths on my test blog and on the Musings from Mâvarin archive blog. Musings now uses the Minima Stretch template, which makes the posting area wide enough to accommodate much larger photos than you see on the Outpost. I've tried to widen the template I use here, but the code is harder to parse than Minima and I haven't been able to make it work properly so far.
  • Did another load of dishes. My mistake: two down, one to go.

Need to Do:
  • More dishes, and clean up the kitchen generally.
  • Open the Peachtree Accounting software I bought in 2005 and familiarize myself with it before tomorrow afternoon. Why? I finally have a job interview!
  • Catch up with my Twitter feed (okay, so that's more of a question of what I want to do).
  • Clear out more email.
  • Design more buttons on request, and print out. That can probably wait until tomorrow.
  • Soak my feet and wash my hair.
  • Get some sleep!


Martha@SeasideSimplicity said...

I say soak your feet and go to bed! The rest will be waiting for you when you get up!

Bea said...

I just soaked my feet... ahhh! Now I'm ready for bed myself. I hope your toe heals... I have a bad toe, but not from breaking it... I think my nail is ingrown... students step on it occasionally and it sends jolts through my brain. Aaagh! Doctor told me to soak it for a few nights to see if it helps. It isn't getting better. What would help is if people would not step on my toe! I'd like to know how to stretch my text template. I do miss aol's wider format. I don't like this column-like appearance. Get some rest, Karen!

Jama said...

Sounds like yo have a lot of things to do! but you need to give that toe a good rest otherwise it won't heal properly. Go ahead and take a break, chores can wait.