Friday, October 10, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Year-End Aspirations

For Weekend Assignment #236: Fourth Quarter Projections, I asked what you hope to accomplish before 2008 is over. Three of you revealed your year-end goals:

Florinda said...

If you'd asked me this not too long ago, I'm not sure I'd have had much of an answer, other than "more of the same." However, sometimes the unexpected happens, and we'll be spending the holidays in a new home.

No, it's not a "home" in the real-estate-professional's use of the term; we're not buying one - still not in the position for that, nor do we foresee when that might change. But it's definitely a move up on the rental scale, and it's also a good illustration of why clichés like "right place at the right time" and "it's who you know" actually mean something once in a while.

Mike said...

I'm glad Karen put the word "hope" in that last sentence. I always plan to get things done; they just never get done. I do a good job of planning, not so good at completing. (Holy redundant sentence Batman! I'm going to leave it though.) I'm sure I'm not the only one. Right? I hope Karen didn't want only one thing.

Kiva said...

In the next few months, I hope to find a duplex in Carson City, NV that has a liberal pet policy. Oyaji's interest in playing trains up there during the steam season is getting stronger. He wants to make longer and more frequent trips up there. I don't mind, except that I don't like to leave my dog behind.

Good luck to all, with plans big and small! New Weekend Assignment coming right up!


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