Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Buttonmania!

I've been at the local Democratic HQ parts of the past two afternoons, finally making buttons for myself, for you folks, and for the local Barack Obama campaign. Some of them were existing designs most of which I've previously featured in this blog, on my Obama blog, Outpost Tucson, or both. But I've also designed some new ones by request:

It's funny how information makes the rounds thse days. Last night Twitter led me to a Huffington Post article about people who have been doing what I've been doing, designing buttons for the Obama campaign. It turns out there's a website called, and a group on called Button Makers For Obama. I didn't want to use other people's designs, except what the campaign provides as downloads; but the Buttons4Obama designs were inspirational. I hadn't even considered trying a photo button. Well, I've rectified that now:

There are a few more, but you get the idea. See the whole collection at You're welcome to use anything you find there as a button, a sticker, a graphic for your blog or Facebook page, etc. I only ask that they not be used for profit - any money beyond costs should go to the Obama campaign.

Oh, and one other thing: tonight I bought padded envelopes so I can mail buttons to friends. If you designed a button for the Weekend Assignment, or even said in passing that _____for Obama would make a good button, I need your address! Email me at mavarin (at) ASAP so I can send you my little gift.


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Call me Paul said...

I love the "Lama - Obama" button.