Monday, October 13, 2008

Sneezing Season

The golden sun of late afternoon

I can hardly believe it, but autumn has somehow reached us here in Tucson. It's not the full fall workup, with red and orange leaves, frost in the morning a a promise of snow to come; but it is chilly enough that we didn't use the air conditioning at all on Sunday. John has opened windows all over the house, with the consequence that the house is just on the cool edge of comfortable and I'm having a major allergy attack. Ah-Choo!

Big weekend turnout at Miko's Corner

Looking at these dog park shots from Sunday, you may wonder whether perhaps the leaves change color in Tucson after all, at least to a pale greenish yellow. I must admit that when I resized these shots just now, I kind of wondered that myself. But I think it's mostly a quality of the light just before sunset. Here's a shot of some of the same trees, taken the evening before:

Fall colors? Nope. Still dark green leaves.

See? Still dark green. Even so, I'll pay more attention next time I take the dogs out and report back. Some leaves do change here, but not many and not by much, and they don't actually fall of the trees.

What now?

Speaking of the dogs, they love the bedroom largely because of the air conditioning, and only secondarily because of the bed and pillows and blankets. With the rest of the house equally cool, they are almost equally happy on the couch.

Cayenne tries to negotiate with Pepper.

Or would be, if that other dog weren't hogging it!


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Jama said...

That's so cute, dog sleeping with pillows!
can't wait to see photos of leaves changing colors, soon I hope.