Friday, October 03, 2008

Weekend Assignment #236: Fourth Quarter Projections

It's late, so I'll try to make this entry short and simple:

Weekend Assignment #236: We're now in the fourth quarter of the year, the time when (if they're not on a different fiscal year) companies have their last chance to shore up any deficiencies and show a profit for the year. Let's skip lightly over the fact that some companies accomplish this by cooking the books, and apply the basic principle to people instead of companies. As the year winds down, what do you hope to accomplish so that 2008, on balance, represents some kind of progress for you personally? (No, this does not mean financially, unless you've somehow bucked the trend of the rest of the country. Tell me about the writing, the home repair, the wedding, or anything else you hope to accomplish in the next few months.)

Extra Credit: What is the best thing you've done so far this year?

Me first!

As you've probably gathered, 2008 hasn't been a good year for me. I've been unemployed twice, and my dog died after a year-long illness. But I have made progress on the first novel, and done some planning on a further sequel post-Mages. And while it's not a huge accomplishment, I count it in the plus column that we've gotten two new dogs that we love a lot, and that I've been exercising them and myself at the same time over at Miko's Corner. I'm also pleased with myself that I've manage to make a tiny difference in this election with my blogging, badge designs and office work. Even if haven't convinced a single person to vote for my preferred candidates, I've manage to overcome my shyness enough to do a few things I've never dared to do before.

For the rest of the year, I fully intend to get Heirs of Mâvarin back out into the literary marketplace, this time concentrating on the YA market and agents who represent YA authors. But the biggest priority will be to get employed again.

Your turn! What do you hope to accomplish in the last quarter of the year? That have you already accomplished in the first three quarters? Write about it in your blog or journal, and please include a link back to this entry. Then leave a link to your entry in the comments below. I'll be back in a week to cheer you on in your year-end efforts!



Unknown said...

I have an answer to this that I wouldn't have had three weeks ago...

Mike said...

My goals are up. I wonder if I will actually get any of them done?