Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Adventures of KFB: Chapter 18,895

First off: I didn't get the job I interviewed for on Tuesday. The nice CFO from the company that makes the machine that goes bing was reportedly very impressed with me, but I could not honestly say I'd done monthly close and financials unassisted, so he hired someone who has. Turns out the nice CFO is retiring anyway, so I would not have had him for a boss.

The same recruiter is putting me in for a staff accountant position with a medical group. If I can get into the medical industry I should be all set: Tucson has at least 6 major hospitals and I think three doctors' consortiums. I applied to my own doctor's medical group a few weeks ago, but they never responded, darn it.

Dog park!

Friday also brought a few developments on the political and creative front. I responded to still more right-wing emails, debunking stuff in my own words backed up with links to web sites. This time I dared my friend to forward my stuff for a change, not just the smears. But I'm reasonably sure she won't do it.

When I went to the dog park today, a woman who loudly proclaimed her support of McCain as I walked past in my new Obama shirt on Wednesday again reacted to the shirt. This time she loudly told her Obama-supporting friend, "There's your friend again."

"With the shirt," her friend said, without rancor.

I was just a little annoyed. She then asked whether a certain dog was mine, and, when I said no, whether I knew to whom the dog belonged. I said I didn't, introduced Cayenne and Pepper, and kept walking. On a later circuit of the park, she said that Cayenne looked cute in her bandannas, which warmed my wary heart just a bit. But Cayenne didn't stop to be pattered by her, as she sometimes does for other dog owners. Maybe she knew I was a little uneasy about this particular woman, not so much because she's a McCain supporter as because she was at least marginally rude about it.

McCain stickers at Miko's Corner. But I messed up the photo.

I have a few new submissions to Huffington Post in the works, not just the second of what will probably be four weekly grassroots reports from the field, but possibly two other pieces. We'll have to see. One, if it happens, will be a few brief snippets as part of a larger piece. The other, pending acceptance, is a photo essay. I see now that at least one of the photos I took for it is no good. Probably I forgot to check the camera's setting again.

An arrangement.

This week I haven't actually been very good at getting out and doing any campaign stuff, between the job interview and the all-consuming Twitter feed of election news, but I'll be rectifying that this weekend. There's a concert for Obama and an art exhibit for Obama. I offered my buttons as an art exhibit, with a caveat that I "didn't draw a thing." The organizer accepted the offer. I'm experimenting with ways to display the buttons. How about on this scarf?



barrettmanor said...

Sorry you didn't get the job. I think you'd be better off applying at medical places that don't do a lot of elective procedures. In Dallas, it's either that extra Botox treatment or gas for the Mercedes, and the car wins out every time. (/sarcasm)

just me said...

Sorry you didn't get the job. Hope that you get you get one soon.