Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Internet Connections and a Trip to Walgreen's

I didn't get to Pima Country Democratic Headquarters today.

First off, here are some updates to stuff I've mentioned here at the Outpost recently:
  • I did get a real, face to face interview with a prospective employer today. I like the company, the pay and my prospective boss, and the company is not in a distressed industry as my last three non-temp jobs eventually were. I should know by the end of the week whether I got past the other candidates for the job.
  • My toes seem to be much better. Apparently they're not broken after all. The second toe is still red and sore and its nail is broken, but the bones seem to be intact.
  • Two emails arrived today from people I knew over 30 years ago, courtesy of the Huffington Post piece. The first was from one of several people named John that I knew before meeting the one I married. The second was from a good friend from high school, the Star Trek club and late night D&D sessions. I love that supporting the Obama campaign can bring about the unintended benefit of reconnecting old friends.
  • Speaking of HuffPo, another mass email came in from them, soliciting photos for grassroots correspondents' entries. I've reached the conclusion that the article reached the editor as text, with the photos and links stripped out. Kudos to him or her for somehow restoring the one link that mattered most. Anyway, I sent off the photos again, this time as attachments, with a couple more thrown in to give the editor more options.

Because of the job interview and some internet distractions, the dogs and I were late getting to the dog park, arriving a little after sunset. Shortly after arrival, I had a brief discussion with other dog owners, during which Cayenne wandered off. (Note this is an enclosed area with double gates, airlock style. It's almost impossible to lose a dog completely in there, but very easy to lose track of exactly where your particular medium-sized dog is among the others, especially at dusk.) When I noticed she was gone, I called, but did not see her initially, and no dog came running.

About a minute later she turned up behind me, almost cringing and definitely hunkered down as she explored the perimeter of the enclosure just inside the fence, and ate a little grass. She did not come to me. I had to go to her. Her coat as wet, which means that a dog was after her. Again. There was no blood this time, but she was definitely showing signs of having been frightened. And Pepper, who had not wandered away, was suddenly much more given to growling and barking tonight.

I spoke briefly about Monday's definite attack on Cayenne and Tuesday's possible one with my friend the journalism student, who had just arrived with her dog. Then I took them home. Pepper wasn't thrilled to be leaving within minutes of arriving, but Cayenne didn't seem to mind at all.

This evening I put in a call to Cayenne's vet, even though Monday's bites or cuts or scratches weren't at all deep and are already healing. My voicemail was returned within twenty minutes or so. I was told to clean the area with diluted Betadine. So I went off to Walgreen;s.

Outside Walgreens, I attempt kind of a trick shot.

I selected a generic instead of Betadine proper, because there was a $6 difference. It's expensive stuff! I also got dog shampoo, so I can mix the iodine stuff with shampoo that's definitely safe for dogs. Pepper will be getting a bath now too. She's all matted again since we ran out of doggie essential oils.

This Walgreen's is one of two today that I saw promoting flu shots. I'd like to get one, but money is tight enogh that I'll just have to take my chances.


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