Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: What's in a Nickname?

The dogs have lots of nicknames.

For last week's Weekend Assignment #229: Nicknames, I asked you to tell us about a nickname - yours, or someone else's. Most folks shared their own nickname histories:

Florinda said...

When my family moved from Connecticut to Florida when I was in middle school, it seemed that I met more people who were stumped by how to pronounce my name. I'm not sure why, given its similarity to the name of the state we lived in, but I was frequently asked by people if they could call me "Flo" instead. For the first two years of high school, I gave in...and then I took a stand.

Becky said in comments...

Ouch...sensitive subject. I had a nickname for half my elementary school years and jr. high. My name is Rebecca but most of the kids called me "Rejecta". Nice. That one just stuck until I changed to a private high school 30 minutes away by public bus. In college the girls started calling me Becky. I'd been Rebecca for most of my life (no one EVER called me Becky in my family or circle of friends). I would correct my college buds but they ignored me. Becky morphed to Bicky and, oddly, Bickford. By the time I met my future husband, the "Becky" nickname had firmly stuck and I've been called that ever since (except when I am visiting my parents.)

barrettmanor said in comments...

Nicknames? I suspect one or two people might have some for me, but they're unprintable in a family journal.

applebonkers said in comments...

Two of three people call me "squish" based on my work e-mail address being skishler.

Mike said...

And that was my name in the house, The Baby. Now, that wasn't such a big deal in some ways. I wasn't called that directly by my mom, it was more of a third person type thing. You know, it starts off with, "Shh, the baby is sleeping." Then it becomes, "The baby scored two goals this week." It's sad when it becomes, "The baby isn't coming home from school this weekend."

Interesting stuff, folks. Thanks!

As usual, the new Weekend Assignment will follow shortly.


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