Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Home for LOL Dogs

Well, I just spent the whole day (read: since getting up late this afternoon) on a silly Internet project. Then again, isn't that what I usually do on weekends?

After last night's jester graphics, I thought it would be nice to have a page for some of my fun graphics - not the ones based on my own face or Doctor Who (although that could be interesting), but on the captioned dog pictures I've done over the past year or so. I now present:

I'm the dog! (Cayenne to Pepper)
Ireland (later renamed Cayenne) in the yard
with Pepper for the first time, August 2, 2008.

As I explain on the page, I'm not very good with the whole "I can haz" patois, so these graphics mostly don't do that. And you've seen most of them before on this blog, although not all. Newly-created, or at least newly-enhanced, are the ones in tonight's blog entry.

Best friends...until there is food. (Pepper and Cayenne)

Cayenne to Pepper: Let's play!
It's not an easy relationship, but they're working on it!
Pepper and Cayenne, August 2008.

Pepper is just the little sleepy dog. Trust her.
Don't bet on it! Pepper, August 2008

Pepper isn't so sure she likes Cayenne's antics.
Cayenne takes liberties. August 2008.

Fun stuff!

While I was at it, I moved every file on that had "tuf," "pepr," "jenn," "nood" or "dogs" in the name into a new dogs subdirectory. It occurred to me only belatedly that this messed up lots of blog entries, especially in Musings from Mâvarin, which mostly has files stored on my personal web site. I went back through and fixed a lot of broken graphics, but I'd appreciate it if you'll let me know about ones that I've missed. Okay? Thanks! I expect there are a bunch in the early days of the Outpost, which I'll try to get to tomorrow.


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