Friday, August 15, 2008

Extension - Don't Make Me Beg!

I'm extending the Weekend Assignment from last week, Create An Award!, for one day, with results to be posted on Friday night instead of Thursday night. This is for three reasons:

1. So far, only Julie and I have done the assignment, which involves creating a blog award and giving it to just one worthy recipient.

2. This will give me more time to also pass on that other award thingy I got recently, and still get adequate sleep.

3. I noticed tonight that I forgot to update the "current memes" section of my sidebar with this Weekend Assignment, the current Monday Photo Shoot, and the upcoming Round Robin Photo Challenge! How can I expect you folks to play along if I don't make it easy to find out what this week's memes are?

4. Certain people haven't done the Weekend Assignment in several weeks, and I miss them. Don't make me beg, you guys. 'Cause I will! I'll get all depressed and pathetic and question my own value in the world, or at least the blogosphere, and it will get really annoying really quickly. So just do your entry, okay?

I'll also post the new Weekend Assignment topic tomorrow night, but with a six-night deadline to make up for the 8-day one. Don't worry; it will be a fun and easy one.

Meanwhile, here are today's attempts to photography two butterflies and a flycatcher. I have no particular narration for them:

The yellow one. I think the black one is there too.

The black one. No blue this time. Different species?

And again.

Meanwhile, one a nearby bush...

...this flycatcher was catching flies. Or something.

I still lay awake after taking the Sleep Assure stuff, but I've taken it again tonight - over an hour ago, in fact. At work I didn't take any caffeine pills, or even drink Diet Pepsi after noon. Will it help? We'll see, but at this moment I'm not exactly yawning, and it's just past 1 AM.

Oh, and the vet's office across town sent us a reminder notice for Tuffy's annual shots. Guess I'd better tell them, huh?


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