Friday, August 01, 2008

Weekend Assignment Results: Music on the Brain

A pirate band sings of New York girls doing the polka. Huh?

Last week for Weekend Assignment #226: Jukebox Brain, I asked whether there a song that you're particularly enjoying at the moment. For our small but mighty cadre of correspondents, the answer seems mostly to be "No, not really":

A jazz band in New Orleans Square

Julie said...

The other day I found a Vista sidebar gadget that plays streams from UK radio stations. Virgin has a format and playlist similar to a local station, but I get tired of the local ads - all screaming car dealers, weight loss products, "enhancement" products, and so on.

Florinda said...

I think I've mentioned that my favorite iPod playlist is huge - it just went over 1500 songs, since my husband has been telling me all week that I must add the rest of Viva la Vida, the new Coldplay album, and I finally did it. That's his current musical obsession - he's been listening to the whole thing at work at least once a day.

Mike said...

In the house I have been listening to Spock's Beard's, The Kindness of Strangers. I'm not sure which song I like the best, but I think it is The Good Don't Last. I like the line: "We made a land where crap is king/and the good don't last too long." They make many references to bad songs and bad TV shows that were poplular. It's a fun song!

Sarah said...

I'm not playing anything in heavy rotation at the moment. There's been lots of things in my head, but since The Police concert I saw on July 14, the Grammy for "Most Incessant" has been going to "King of Pain." I have stood here before inside the pouring rain, with the world turning circles running 'round my brain (and you see, I keep giving it to other people!) Actually I think I'd just about exorcised it by today but then I heard it on the radio at Erik's Deli at lunch time.

Kiva said...

On Pandora, you get to make your own radio stations based on the characteristics of the music. This week while I'm working I'm listening to a station that is based on gypsy guitar, for example, Django Reinhardt, The Hot Club of San Francisco. For fun, I'm listening to a channel of music that I just made that has Pink Martini as the base. The song that's playing now is Brazil done by Pink Martini. Anyone want to dance?

Thanks, everyone! The new Weekend Assignment topic will be posted shortly.


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