Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bringing Ireland Home

A dog named Striker, cute and friendly,
but "eats paper and destroys the house"

So last night I did some online browsing through pictures of adoptable dogs, and today we went to a PetCo (no adoptions today) and a PetSmart (both FAIR and the Humane Society were there). I could happily have taken home one particular half-grown puppy, but really we were looking for a medium-sized, young adult dog with no major training issues or health problems. The HSSA (Humane Society of Southern Arizona) volunteer told us they were having a major 70s-themed adoptathon at their facility, with dogs who have been on site over a month available for $19.70, and the others half off. I didn't see any "stale" dogs by the time we arrived around 2 PM, and John overheard someone saying they'd had 57 adoptions so far.

Pepper was with us to help with the doggie auditions, and had already been sick in John's car after eating a cheeseburger (which she usually eats with no problems). So we took turns, one person staying outside with Pepper while the other looked at dogs and talked to volunteers. I took the info cards on five dogs (John later put back three and I took one more), all to coordinate with John and the shelter about which dogs interested us most. My goodness, there were a lot of pit bulls, all seemingly gentle and cute and wonderful; but I was wary of them anyway. I ultimately photographed three of the most promising candidates: Striker (above, the only male dog on my short list),

Sizzzzz (or something like that) was perhaps too laid back

...a collie-like dog whose name I've forgotten but it had at least two z's in it, appropriately for a somewhat sleepy dog...

Ireland behind bars; reputedly
"almost ate a guinea pig"

...and a skinny setter mix named Ireland, who came specially recommended by one of the volunteers.

For some reason I had more trouble photographing Ireland through the cage than the others, and made a few extra attempts.

Who can resist this dog for long?

We were going to have Pepper meet both Ireland and Striker in the visitors' yard, but Ireland came out first and they got along fine. Ireland got along with both of her potential humans, too. I had minor reservations - she's a trash hound, probably due to being underfed - but it was soon a done deal.

Ireland by the Quantum Leap tapes and Doctor Who DVDs

Ireland was a recent mother, dumped by her owner after she got pregnant, and later spayed upon the birth of her puppies. Pepper has basically the same background.

Gentle, friendly, not too shy.

Since getting home, Ireland has been on the receiving end of a little jealousy from Pepper, but overall she's doing well.

No, it doesn't mean we don't miss Tuffy. We've accidentally called both of the other dogs by her name, repeatedly. But in the midst of death we are in life. Or something. And Ireland needs us.



Laura said...

welcome home miss ireland! how beautiful you are!

barrettmanor said...

She's a lovely dog, and I know she's found a good home.

Florinda said...

It sounds like you've found a good match, and Ireland looks like a sweetie! Will she keep that name, or get a new one?

Carly said...

Welcome Ireland! :)

No need to explain about your decision Karen, everybody handles these times differently. Your decision to celebrate life is life affirming. Have a good time getting to know the new friend and family member. Hey, I love the picture of her resting next to the Dr. Who and Quantium Leap DVD's, it's as if you have found a soul mate in her. Invite her to watch one with you. There is nothing like a little 4 pawed companionship while watching a favorite program.


Kiva said...

Wise woman. What a lovely new dog. I look forward to hearing more about her and Pepper's adventures later. I hope you aren't going to change her name. It's lovely.

bea said...

Ireland looks lively. I know she'll pick up some weight with your love and care. And I'm sure Pepper will come to accept her and appreciate her just fine. She's a lovely mix, and I love her color. Tuffy would have loved having her around for company.

Jama said...

That a very beautiful dog , hope he'll chase away your sadness of losing Tuffy.

DesLily said...

I hope Ireland will work out.. it looks like she will!