Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot Result: Exotic Foods

I almost gave you folks an extension on last week's Monday Photo Shoot, You Gonna Eat That? which called for photos of regional, unusual or just plain strange foods. But then I decided an extra day probably wouldn't help. You see, the only response to date has been from our faithful friend from Singapore, Jama, who offers us the beautifully exotic fruit Rambutan. Go take a look!

John bought this flavor one night...

...and I later bought the Rocky Route 66!

As for myself, I took a few pictures of regional ice cream flavors from Shamrock Farms, named after Arizona locales and sports. The Tombstone Roundup turned up in our freezer one day, having been purchased by John the night the Trouble Dogs and I woke him up. The others were in the Fry's frozen food section. While I appreciate the sale price and the coupons, I do think that covering up the joke flavor name with the coupon is a bad move.

If anyone still wants to do this shoot in the net couple of days, I will still add you to the results. Anyone? Anyone?

New topic follows instantly.


1 comment:

Jama said...

the ice cream sure look so inviting! which remind me time to get some since we're practically out of ice cream.It's simply heaven eating those on a hot hot sunny day !