Monday, August 11, 2008

New Monday Photo Shoot: You Gonna Eat That?

New Monday Photo Shoot #33: Show us the most unusual food you can find. It may be common where you are, but have we seen it before? I'm thinking of regional, specialized, or even non-human food. Show us what you've got!

The sad truth is, I don't have anything good for this topic yet, but I'll come up with something in the next 24 hours or so. Meanwhile....

Inside this bag is a Safeway deli-counter calzone.

Why did I buy this? What are the chances that this is gonna be worth eating?

One thing I can't show you is Dippin' Dots. This odd sort of novelty ice cream (tiny frozen beads of ice cream) was theoretically for sale at the baseball game on Friday night. My friend Kevin had seen a story on the Food Channel about them, but had never had any. I would have bought some for each of us, but the concession wasn't open before the game, and after that the box seats section was too full to try to leave our seats. Having bought the stuff (or possibly a competitor's version) recently at the local chicken wings place, I conspired to stop there after church and get some for Kevin - but they don't carry it any more. Consequently I couldn't photograph it!

Ridiculously expensive dog treats

The best thing I have to show you tonight is this bag of dried chicken. See, I took Pepper and Cayenne to a Petco for socialization and treats. I got Cayenne a dog collar, three bags of assorted dog snacks, and a book about dog training. At the checkout the clerk offered to sign me up for one of those discount cards like the ones in grocery stores, to get sale prices on things. I was so busy filling it out that it didn't properly register with me that my total purchase came to over $50! What? John read through the receipt later, and the main culprit was this bag of dried chicken strips - 12 ounces for $16!

Your turn! Show us some interesting food where you are. Post the picture(s) to your blog or journal, include links from there to here and (in the comments below) from here to there. I'll be back next Sunday night with the results!


Update: Monday's dinner was from Sanchez! I know Mexican food isn't all that exotic, but I didn't exactly have tacos from Taco Bell, either! Casa Sanchez is our favorite purveyor of Mexican food in Tucson, although La Parilla Suiza is also very good if we have the time and money for it.

I ordered this special...

...which ended up being John's dinner.

I had the carnitas....

...which is basically shredded pork.

It was good. The dogs thought so, too! They each got a little piece of pork.

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Jama said...

Hmmmm I wonder how the dried chicken taste like? I bet if I look around in the pet food store I might find something like this!

Mine already up, something sweet and juicy from the tropical country in Asia.

Jama Hameed
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