Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Photo Shoot #35: Two D Words and an Announcement

Okay, first off: last week's Monday Photo Shoot #34, in which I asked you to show us just any old junk, was responded to only by our faithful friend Jama in Singapore, who managed to make even her junk pretty!

Second: I have an announcement! Starting next week, September 1st, the Monday Photo Shoot will be taken over by our good friend Carly, over at Ellipsis. This meme, started by John Scalzi on By The Way on March 7, 2005, remains close to my heart; but I've been getting a little burned out in it recently. Carly will bring fresh ideas and a new and better attitude to the Monday Photo Shoot, and I hope that many of you will support her efforts by participating, even if you haven't done so in a while.

So, since this is the last time I'll be assigning the topic, I really should make it a good one. Trouble is, I've had two competing ideas in my head all day. They both start with a D, so let's use that as an excuse to combine the topics in one MPS:

New Monday Photo Shoot #35: Departure, or Destruction! Photograph either a departure of some sort - people walking away, a train pulling out of the station, a graduation, whatever - or evidence of destruction. If your photos combine the two somehow, that's even better!

Goodbye, Tuffy

Dogs have their priorities.

The source of the departure concept is obvious, even though I'm not going anywhere. I'll still be playing along, just not organizing.

As for the destruction, here's my inspiration:

Pepper checks her work.

Pretty impressive damage to that door!

Pepper declined to leave the air conditioned bedroom when I set off for church. When John checked on her, she had tried to claw her way through the door in her attempt to depart from the room!

Your turn! Here's your last chance to play along with a Monday Photo Shoot topic that comes from me personally. Please don't be a no-show! Put the photo or photos in your blog or journal with a link back here, and don't forget to leave a link to your entry in the comments below. I'll be back in a week to highlight your entries - and Carly will start off a new era with her New New Monday Photo Shoot the same evening! Have fun!



Carly said...

Hi Karen

I played, in fact, I posted a special photo for you. I hope you enjoy it. :) Also, I wrote a little about my taking over the MPS next week. Thanks so much for this opportunity.


MyMaracas said...

OMG. BAD dog, BAD.

I'm sorry I haven't been a regular for the Monday Photo Shoot, but I couldn't miss your last one.

Mine's up, but with a caveat. For those who freak out over bugs, do NOT click this link:

Jama said...

Let me see what I can find.......brb!

Kiva said...

I'm early for me, but it's almost too late.

Martha said...

Yikes! That's some destruction!
I've sure missed being here to play along lately. Sorry to hear you've decided to give up MPS, but you've definitely handed it over to the right person.
I'll check my archives to see if I can play along this one last time here just for you! :-)

Martha said...

It's been so long since I've done the challenges that I almost forgot to come back to leave my link!

Here ya go...