Friday, August 01, 2008

Weekend Assignment #227: Gimme Some Good News!

It seems as though bad news is coming at us from all directions at the moment, including from this house and this blog. Let's try to balance things about a bit:

Weekend Assignment #227: There must be something positive happening in your life right now (I hope!). Tell us the good news!

Extra Credit: Overall, are you optimistic, pessimistic or neither these days?

She may be feeling a smidge better tonight.

I'm pleased to report that the canine star of seems to be breathing better tonight. She mostly seems to struggle when she's active or excited - when we first came home tonight she was really loud and upsetting. Tonight she's just hanging out, and for a while she was breathing normally. (It's more like a snore now, but it's not horrible the way it was earlier.) She had her first Piroxicam this morning, and tonight, against my advice, John gave her another aspirin. He figures it can't do any harm at this point (I hope he's right!) and may help. It's really too soon to know whether any of this will do any good, but for the moment I've guardedly optimistic.

In other minor good news, I had a nap tonight, so overall I've got a decent shot at a decent amount of sleep.

Your turn! Tell me something good! Write about it in your blog or journal, and post your links from there to here and here to there. We'll rejoice in your good news a week from tonight!



barrettmanor said...

Glad to hear Tuffy has perked up a bit.

Don't know if this is good news, but it beats a vintage whine:

Florinda said...

I'm not sure this is the kind of good news you're looking for, but the assignment did give me a good opening for something else I needed to do blog-wise.

Mike said...

Mine is up. The news is good to me. Oh, and Karen, there is something in there for you too. The new dog is cute!

Anonymous said...

On Sunday I *will* have the good news that I am done with one more semester of library school! But until then, must work like horse!