Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And the Destruction Derby Continues!

Getting my entry in early for Feline & Furball Friday:

How long before Cayenne chews my shoes?

Did I mention that they're Trouble Dogs? Why, yes, I did. And since then, both dogs have seemingly set out to prove it!

Goodbye to my favorite vintage lamp.

Not content to let Pepper hold the title of Destructo-Queen after the damage she did on Sunday, Cayenne got her leg caught tonight in the cord leading to our irreplaceable 1950s overhead lamp. She panicked, and brought the whole thing crashing to the kitchen floor!

Shortly after that, she was leaping on and off the bed, barking, in an attempt to engage Pepper and establish her dominance. At one point she grabbed a hunk of blanket in her mouth, but we quickly put a stop to that.

In the den, she climbed on the couch - but not just onto the part where you lie down. She was going for the top of the back of the couch. I quickly removed the empty dishes from the pass-through to the kitchen, which is accessible from there.

And then...and then! She dashed to the bookcase of Doctor Who DVDs and leaped up against it (or possibly the wall next to it), grabbing for a fly!

I called her off, but the fly continued to hold her attention. She completely ignored Hillary Clinton's convention speech. Well, I don't really expect a dog to understand politics.

Today I made a Saturday appointment for her booster shot. The receptionist remembered her from three weeks ago, just before we dumped her old name, Ireland. She volunteered that Cayenne is a great name for her, and looks forward to seeing her again. Well, sure! She didn't just destroy the receptionist's lamp!

Then again, Pepper lies down a lot anyway.

But hey, their training continues. Pepper now knows how to Lie Down on command (if a treat is involved), and Cayenne, whom we're trying to teach not to paw at us, knows how to Shake.

Somehow I think the training is going a bit wrong....



DesLily said...

maybe they don't understand english?? try a foreign language! heh...

bea said...

Oh my! I was smiling as I read this. YOu have your hands full with dog training. I was watching the Dog Whisperer last night. The episode where he takes into his pack Gavin, a Golden Lab who had worked on the ATF for years. What a loving and gentle trainer that Cesar is. I hope Cayenne soon learns to tread carefully in the house. She seems to be a puppy at heart! She is fortunate that you found her... what patience you have. Maybe some of Pepper's calmness will help settle Cayenne down. What a clever pair of names! I apologize for my absence of late.