Sunday, January 21, 2007

Today, Tomorrow (and which is it now?)

I spent all of today either asleep, watching Doctor Who or cleaning, mostly just dishes and laundry and Christmas stuff. Didn't make it out of the house at all. Sunday morning - about seven hours from now - I either will or won't be elected to the vestry of St. Michael's. I'm kind of hoping for not. I didn't even get the church website updated this week - which is completely my fault. Nobody sent me the file, although I could have retyped. Will people gather that I don't "deserve" to be on the vestry, or will name recognition alone get me elected? There are seven candidates and five slots.

So now I need to make sure the time of the church's annual meeting is posted properly, and go to bed. No pictures tonight, except for one I took at Christmas, no going on about Wikipedia or time management. Then after church tomorrow I absolutely positively have to go in to work.

See you with updates tomorrow night.


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Chris said...

Hope you get it or don't.....not sure which you really want;)

Have a great weekend!
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